Differnet Types of Computer Software With Examples

Most of us think that computer software is complex and complicated. You may sense that it is too abstract to understand or unattainable for us. Any type of software is complicated, yet it is something that all of us need on a regular basis. We use it only on computers but also on our smartphones. So isn’t it’s important to know the classification of software 

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Types of Computer Software: What Are The Main Software Categories?

The computer system is a combination of software and hardware. Let’s at first try to understand what computer software is and why we use it.


What is Computer Software?

It is a series of instructions, specific data, or specific data that allows computers to perform specific tasks. A computer’s software is entirely different from its hardware, which describes the physical characteristics of the device. Scripts, applications, and programs are all types of software that run on a computer device. It can be thought of as a variable component in a computer, while the hardware is invariable.

Generally, software falls into one of two categories: application software or system software. Software may also be categorized as:

  • Middleware
  • Programming software

System Software

Computer applications and hardware run on these software programs. System software coordinates the activities and functions of the hardware and software. Moreover, it manages the hardware and provides an operating environment for all the other types of software. Computer system software consists of all other software on the system and also the OS. Here are a few of the standard system software examples:

Operating System 

Software that provides resources as well as general services for various applications. A wide variety of operating systems are available, including embedded, real-time, distributed, single-user, multi-user, and mobile. Some of the examples of operating systems are as follows:

  1. MS Windows
  2. Mac OS
  3. Linux
  4. iOS
  5. Android 
  6. CentOS
  7. Ubuntu
  8. Unix


Device Drivers

Device drivers are such kinds of software that control essentially attached hardware to the system. Drivers are normally required for connecting hardware devices to a system easily. Hardware devices can include displays, printers, sound cards, hard drives, keyboards, and mice. Check out these examples of such drivers:

  1. BIOS Driver
  2. Motherboard Drivers
  3. USB Drivers
  4. Printer Drivers
  5. ROM Drivers
  6. VGA Drivers
  7. Display Drivers
  8. Sound Card Driver



It is software that is permanently stored in the system’s read-only memory. There are permanently stored instructions for the hardware known as firmware. It provides information on how the device interacts with different hardware. Computer peripherals, Embedded systems, UEFI, BIOS are some examples of the firmware.



It is designed to assist in analyzing, optimizing, and configuring a computer system. It is responsible for supporting the computer infrastructure. There are a variety of utility software programs, including disk cleanup and management tools, antiviruses, defragmenters, compression tools, etc. Here are some types of utility software:

  1. Norton Antivirus
  2. McAfee Antivirus
  3. WinRAR
  4. WinZip
  5. Piriform CCleaner 
  6. Windows File Explorer
  7. Directory Opus
  8. Razer Cortex                                                                                                    



“Middleware” is software that connects two types of applications or serves as a bridge between software applications and system software. It, for example, allows Microsoft Windows to communicate with Excel and Word. Additionally, it enables remote work requests to be sent from one computer to another, involving different operating systems on other devices. 


Application Software 

Application software is known as a user’s program that helps them perform various tasks. Researchers use this software to perform online research, design graphics, record notes, maintain accounts, perform calculations, and even play computer games. These modules typically reside above the system software and are used by end users. It is most often developed using custom software development, which is tailored to the specific needs of the users. You will find a variety of application software. Some of them are:


Word Processors

Word processors are such applications that are meant for documentation. As well as storing, formatting, and printing documents, it assists with its use. Among these, there are the following examples:

  1. MS Word 
  2. Apple iWork-Pages
  3. Corel WordPerfect
  4. Google Docs 


Multimedia Software

It is used for playing videos, taking pictures, recording audio and even playing video. The software can be utilized for animation, graphic design, video, and image editing. The high demand for such software means every company that develops software has great development prospects. Take a look at some examples of such software are:

  1. Adobe Photoshop
  2. Picasa
  3. VLC Media Player
  4. Windows Media Player
  5. Windows Movie Maker


Database Software

People use database software to create data as well as maintain it. Some of the examples of DBMS are:

  1. MS Access
  2. FileMaker
  3. Clipper 
  4. FoxPro
  5. MySQL
  6. dBase


Web Browsers

The use of web browsers allows users to quickly find and retrieve data across the web. Some of the critical examples of them are:

  1. Google Chrome
  2. Mozilla Firefox
  3. Internet Explorer
  4. Opera
  5. UC Browser
  6. Safari


Programming software

Programming software is another type of computer software that you should know about. Computer programmers write code using programming software. Programming software and tools allow developers to create, write, test and debug other software applications. Assemblers, compilers, debuggers, and interpreters are examples of programming software.


What Are The Two Major Software Types?

Computer software generally falls into two categories:

  •  System software and
  •  Application software



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