Difference Between Hardware and Software


Computer components fall into two categories: hardware and software.  This article will explain in easy terms what the differences between hardware and software are.


What is Hardware?

Hardware refers to a computer’s physical components. All parts of a computer that we can touch are computer hardware. The following are the primary electronic components used to build a computer. Hardware includes the processor, memory, check, printer, keyboard, mouse, and central processing unit.


What is Software?

The software in a computer is a collection of instructions, procedures, and documentation. A computer program is a code that runs on the processor. Depending on the type of program you write, you can write machine code or code for an operating system. Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Google Chrome, Photoshop, MySQL, etc., are some software examples.


Hardware Vs. Software: The Difference Between Computer Hardware and Software

Now let’s know-how is hardware different from software:


Categories of hardware include input and output devices, storage devices, CPUs, and motherboards. A hardware product can be further classified into four categories:

  • Input Devices
  • Output Devices
  • Secondary Storage Devices
  • Internal Components

There are several types of software, including programming, application, and operating systems. Software is further subdivided into two general types:

  • Application Software
  • System Software



Factories manufacture any hardware component of a computer system. A bunch of skilled engineers helps to build the hardware system for computers. Hardware systems can be made from different types of materials. Examples of common elements are copper, gold, aluminum, zinc, iron, and nickel.

On the other side, software development firms design and make software. Companies hire programmers who use computer languages to build software. 




Hardware is a physical, electronic device that you can touch. People cannot touch a digital software program but can take a view of it. This is the significant difference you will find between software and hardware.



Hardware and software both are dependent on each other. The hardware of the computer can do nothing without the software instructing it. A computer can’t execute any task with software without the necessary hardware.


Virus Impact

The hardware of a computer or machine refers to its physical components. So for that reason, hardware remains unaffected by any kind the computer virus. But, when it comes to software, viruses can bring a slew of issues.


Digital Transfer

You can transfer hardware to any place because you can touch it. For transferring software, you need to complete the task electronically.



If any of your computer hardware gets damaged, you need to replace it with a new one. But suppose you get a damaged software; you just need to reinstall it.




What are the similarities between hardware and software development?

The similarities between software and hardware development include:

  • User interactions with products vary, and products interact with each other and produce outputs based on inputs.
  • Both need functional requirements (user-facing) and non-functional requirements (non-user-facing)


What Is An Example of Software?

Software refers to the programs and routines for the operation of a computer, device, or circuitry. There are many examples of software, including Excel, Windows, and iTunes. The software includes programs such as word processors and web browsers.


What Is The Example of Hardware?

In a computer, hardware refers to its physical components. As well as being called computer equipment, it can also be called computer machinery. Hardware components of a computer include the keyboard, display, mouse, and processing unit. Yet, the majority of a computer’s hardware is hidden inside the computer case.


Can A Computer Run Without Hardware?

Computers need components such as a keyboard, video card, monitor, processor, hard drive, motherboard, memory, and power supply in order to operate effectively. It is possible to set up a computer with no hard drive, display, or keyboard, in the form of a thin client or server. When any of these devices is missing or faulty, the computer does not power on, or an error occurs.


Can A Computer Run Without The Software?

Yes, generally, a computer does not need to be installed with the software. In the absence of an operating system or interpreter, a computer won’t display any error messages or provide information. A computer system requires an operating system for users and software to interface with the computer hardware. Furthermore, installing software on the computer allows it to perform additional functions. For example, you need not install Microsoft Excel, on a computer for it to run, but it will enable users to work with spreadsheets.


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