Applications of C Language In Real Life You Need To Know

C programming is a well-known computer language among programmers. It is a middle-level language that can be used for a variety of tasks. People believe it has become obsolete since it is an old computer language. Typically when it comes to mind, people think the use of C programming has deceased. But, the fact cannot be ignored that fundamental language like C is used widely. Applications of C in real life is numerous and increasing day by day. 


The knowledge of your programming is not fulfilled without knowing C. Let’s check out the application of the C language in real life.

Applications of C Language In Real life

In addition to its many applications, C has a wide range of uses. Let us share the uses of the C language in real-life applications.

Operating Systems

The first operating system Unix was developed by high-programming language C. In years to come, C was used to create Microsoft Windows and several Android applications.

Application of C Language In Electronics

Every day, we use various embedded devices, such as microwaves, coffee machines, climate control systems, etc. C is the predominant programming language used in these programs. C language in a practical application is demonstrated in this example. 

Graphical User Interface

 Adobe Photoshop, one of the most commonly used photo editors since the olden days, application development using C. Later on, C is also used to program powerful graphical software like Adobe Premiere and Illustrator. 


In the Google open source community, the projects are being handled by C/C++. And C/C++ also helped in developing a google file system and chrome browser.


This is used chiefly for converting Assembly language to machine language. C also contributed to developing GNU assemblers.

Editing software

Additionally, C was used to develop various text editors. You can take the examples of Vim, Gedit, etc. Therefore, it can be called the best language for Windows desktop applications.

Creating a Database

MySQL, the popular database management system, is developed in the C programming language.

Mozilla Firefox and Thunderbird

Thunderbird and Mozilla Firefox were both open-source email client projects which are used widely. They are also written in C/C++.

Ease of Computation

The C programming language provides faster computations. C is a prompt language for implementing algorithms and data structures. MATLAB, Mathematica, for example, can be carried out with the help of C.

Development of New languages

C influenced many other languages due to its speed and simplicity, including Java, C++, Python, PHP, PERL, JavaScript, etc. Python libraries are built-in C . C++, PHP, and PERL all have syntax and control structures derived from the C language.


The open-source MySQL database management system, also written in C/C++, is used in Database Management Systems.

App Development With C

With the Android NDK (Native Development Kit), you can write C and C++ applications. Platform libraries are also provided for managing access to physical device components, such as sensors and touch input.

Compiler Design

Compilers are among the most popular C language applications. It was developed to make C more understandable by allowing compilers for numerous other languages to remember the association with C.

C was used to create several well-known compilers, including Bloodshed Dev-C, Clang C, MINGW, and Apple C.

Gaming and Animation

C is a speedier programming language than Java or Python. Because it is compiler-based, it has a wide range of applications in the gaming industry. C is used to code some of the most basic games.


Driver software, such as keyboard drivers, network drivers, and mouse drivers, is another application of C.


You can create language interpreters using the C programming language. C was used to develop different interpreters for programming languages like Python and MATLAB.

Network Devices

Another application of C is to design network devices.



What Is The Popular Applications Written in C?

The most popular application written in c is the Linux kernel, not only that the programming language is used for a variety of purposes. 

What Is The Best Language for Creating Desktop Applications?

Among so many computer languages, C++ is the most popular language to create desktop applications.


The fact that most of the world’s leading companies use C programming for professional purposes proves that C is not a dated language. There are still many people who prefer it over others programmers and back-end developers. In this tutorial, we learned how C programming is applied in the real world.

C is used in all hardware and software development spheres, which makes it useful for aspiring software developers and software professionals. 


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