Applications of Artificial Intelligence: Real Life Examples

AI has a variety of applications in today’s society and has become a necessity. It can deal with complex problems effectively in many industries, including healthcare, entertainment, finance, education, and more. Artificial Intelligence makes our lives easier and more convenient.

The following are some sectors in which use the applications of artificial Intelligence.


Applications of Artificial Intelligence

The following are some latest uses of artificial intelligence in our daily lives.

Artificial Intelligence In Healthcare

AI has become more advantageous for the healthcare industry in the last five to ten years. It is expected to have a significant impact on healthcare shortly.

Healthcare industries are using AI to diagnose more accurately and faster than humans. The use of artificial intelligence can make it easy for doctors to diagnose diseases. It can also tell them when patients’ conditions deteriorate to reach out to them before they hospitalize.


AI In Video Gaming

AI machines can play strategic games such as chess, which require a large amount of thought. The use of AI (Artificial Intelligence) is becoming more popular day by day. 


Intelligent Retrieval in Finance

You will be surprised to know that the finance and AI applications are best suited to each other. Machine learning, algorithm trading, chatbots, and automation are all being used in financial processes.


The Use of AI in Data Security

In the digital world, cyber-attacks are on the rise and are extremely important for data security. You can defend your valuable data with the help of artificial Intelligence. For example, the AEG bot, AI2 Platform, is used to identify software bugs and cyber-attacks more effectively.


Artificial Intelligence for Social Media

Facebook, Twitter, and Snapchat contain billions of user profiles to be stored and managed efficiently. We can use artificial intelligence to manage a large amount of data. The AI can analyze a lot of data to identify different users’ latest trends, hashtags, and requirements.


 AI in Travel & Transport

Travel industries are increasingly reliant on artificial Intelligence. In addition to making travel arrangements, it can suggest hotels, flights, and routes to the customer. With AI-powered chatbots, travel companies can provide customers with a seamless, human-like experience. Also, this is an example of applying artificial intelligence (AI) to everyday life.



Artificial Intelligence plays a significant role in the development of any robot. Typically, conventional robots are programmed to execute repetitive activities. But with the use of AI, we may construct intelligent robots that can perform tasks based on their own experiences.

Humanoid Robots are excellent instances of AI in robotics; recently, Erica and Sophi are the best examples.


Robotics in Automotive Industry

 Some automotive companies are utilizing AI to give virtual assistants for improved performance. Tesla, for example, has unveiled TeslaBot, an intelligent virtual assistant.

Various industries are actively working to build self-driving automobiles that will make your ride safer and more secure.


Use of AI In Education

AI can automate grading, giving the tutor more time to educate. As a teaching assistant, an AI chatbot can communicate with students. nIn the future, AI may serve as a personal virtual tutor for pupils, easily accessible at any time and from any location.


 Entertainment Purposes

We presently use specific AI-based applications in our daily lives, such as Netflix or Amazon. These services provide recommendations for programs or shows using ML/AI algorithms.


 AI in Astronomy

To solve complex universe problems, Artificial Intelligence can be beneficial. It can be advantageous to use AI technology to understand the universe, such as how it works, its origin, etc.


Expert System In Banks

In many banks, artificial Intelligence is already used to provide customer support and detect abnormalities and card fraud.

Another application of AI in banking that is significantly more valuable to banks is fraud detection. Pattern recognition might be difficult for humans, but machines excel at it. This is where artificial intelligence for fraud prevention comes into play.



AI in Agriculture

Agriculture is a field that necessitates a variety of resources, including labor, money, and time. Agriculture is increasingly digitized these days, and AI is rising in this industry. Agro is using AI in agriculture robotics, solid and crop monitoring, and predictive analysis. AI in agriculture can be quite beneficial to farmers.


E-commerce Sectors 

AI is giving the e-commerce industry a competitive advantage, and it is growing more important in the e-commerce business. AI is assisting buyers in discovering related products based on recommended size, colour, or even brand.



What is the best application of artificial Intelligence?

According to the experts, these are the best applications of artificial Intelligence:


  • Google Assistant.
  • Alexa. 
  • ELSA Speak.
  • Socratic.
  • Fyle.
  • DataBot.


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